We also provides internet service to clients nationwide at over 80 locations , using some the same combination of technologies and service POPS as WAN links but specifically for internet. The technologies used for internet are;

Fibre / Radio Internet Services

SwiftTalk Fibre / Radio Internet services runs on the same base trunk and nationa fibre infratrstuctuere as already described for the WAN service. However a few additional features are specific to Internet service, like provides Fibre based Internet and WAN solutions with various types and levels of redundancy depending on client needs; the general service solution is based on the following components as below

    • Multiple Fibre Internet Source. The primary internet source is the from WACS cable and MainOne Fibre cable backed up by Dolphin (ACE) fibre link – both landed at Lagos, Victoria Island.
    • Fibre Local / National Loop & Internet at ovver 80 locations nationwde. The local loop within Lagos and to most locations in Nigeria is provided via the over 34,000 km of fibre rings round Nigeria. The fibre to these locations are provided via multiple routes and separate fibre cable owners to provide redundancy and ensure that there is automatic failover in cause of failure of one route.
    • Radio / Fibre Last mile. The service is provided either via fibre lastmile delivered to the door where available , or radio last mile.
    • Optional Backup Radio / Fibre Last mile or 3G/4G APN Backup. A second radio connecting to a completely different service POP or a 3G APN device in special cases can be provided and used with an Auto-Failover router for redudancy in the case of the primary fibre/radio internet link failure.

3G/LTE APN Internet

A Dual SIM 3G/LTE service / router can be used in to provide temporary internet links, for mobile applications, kiosks, or emergency services. This can also be used for backup to critical services andc locations

VSAT Internet Services

For very remote locations where there’re is no Fibre / Radio service or on special request, a Ku-band, Ka-band or C-band VSAT internet service can be provided. This VSAT internet service can also be used as backup to highly critical services, particularly at remote locations.

Estate and Community Wifi / Fibre Internet Services

This is an estate / office pack based service that will provide very affordable internet access to home users and Small Office / Home Offices. These internet service hotspots will primarily target Cyber Cafes, Restaurants, Malls, Parks, Residential Estates and office plazas/blocks – and the primary access is via Wifi, or Estate Fibre loops.

Transit Wifi Internet Services

We provide Wifi internet access for various transit and passenger transport systems like, Railways, bus trasits, taxis etc. These Wifi service is provded in partnership with the transit service company, and can be either free, and finance via captive portal adverts or is a paid service or a mixture of both. These transit Wifi systems can also be use to provide dynamic digital signage and advertising.