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We are excited to announce a 360 online software for every organisation – Zoho People.

Zoho People is a Human Resource Management Application for the HR team in an organization. This software application joins our other business software – SchoolPortal and more to be announced.

This online software has several modules for HR Team (admins) and for Employees in an Organization. Let me briefly explain about the key modules…

Organization Module:

This module is used to define the structure of your organization including departments, designations/titles and also the Org Chart.

Recruitment Module:

The Recruitment module eases the hiring process in an organization. It automates the steps involved between searching a candidate from a presume database to hiring him an employee. This module also lets managers raise job requirements and admins post openings on the website.

Forms Module:

The Forms module has a set of pre-created forms (mini-applications) for common tasks in an organization like filing expense reports, reporting leave etc. This enables admins to create new forms or customize existing forms and make them available to all employees.

Checklist Module:

This module lets admin automate business processes and define the flow based on conditions. Tasks can automatically be assigned to users or groups based on defined flow.

Self Service Module: This module acts as a self-service module for Employees and Managers. All employees have access to this module. Managers can define job openings and organize their team structure. Employees can submit information to the HR department using the forms defined by the HR team (like submitting an Expense Report or informing about a leave etc).

Roles and Permissions :This module is used by admin to define fine grained access for different roles based on permissions – which drill down to field level, action level and form level.

This explanation doesn’t do justice to the capabilities of the application. The link here gives a free demo account of the key functionalities in the application.


Watch a youtube video here

While all these capabilities make sense in an HR App, we understand that no two businesses operate the same way. Customization is the key for an application like this. So Zoho People is completely customizable. Right from the top-level tabs till the forms inside the application, everything is customizable.


Zoho People is really targeted at a level beyond the very small (say 50+ employee) businesses. Very small businesses can keep track of people in ad-hoc ways, (spreadsheets work!) but once a company reaches a certain size (even 25-30) keeping track of things like recruitment, IT resource allocation, benefits, vacations, skill management etc. becomes time-consuming.

In fact, that is the level at which a business typically gets a dedicated HR person. That is where Zoho People steps into the Big Picture. As we often say, we want to be the IT Department for SMBs. Just offering a set of productivity applications doesn’t meet the needs of businesses. There needs to be a suite of business applications addressing those business needs. With Zoho People, we are taking another step towards offering a complete online solution for businesses. As always, we cannot wait to hear your feedback on this new package.


Sign up a free demo account to get started here



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